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Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1344 – Gao Dawei abstracted laborer
Zhou Wen wasn’t worried that Ya’er would eliminate. He was only wondering what Sweetie was around.
“Ya’er, are you presently good?” Though Zhou Wen didn’t eat it, he believed that a thing was drastically wrong along with the chocolates as he smelled it. He couldn’t aid but stare at Gao Dawei, wanting to infiltration at any occasion.
“I call up the very first chocolate bars Snowy Mountain. Be sure to test it.” Gao Dawei personally slice two items of the snowfall-dealt with spherical sweets and set them over a small dish well before passing these phones Ya’er and Sweetie.
“It’s not too easy. I recognize the sweets I made. Even I wouldn’t have the capacity to determine if I hadn’t consumed them beforehand,” Gao Dawei reported. “Don’t fret, just take in it. I don’t consider either of it will be possible to get it fine.”
Gao Dawei was very pleased along with the three people’s result. He was quoted saying with pride, “For complete fairness, you must flavor exactly the same style of chocolate simultaneously. Then, create your solution on some pieces of paper and offer it to me. I’ll end up being the decide.”
“I call up the primary chocolate Snowy Hill. Please test it.” Gao Dawei personally minimize two items of the snow-covered spherical delicious chocolate and set them using a small dish prior to passing those to Ya’er and Sweetie.
It turned out difficult to suppose that this kind of exquisite sweets was created by the rotund mankind like Gao Dawei.
“I phone the very first chocolates Snowy Mountain. Be sure to test it.” Gao Dawei personally slice two parts of the snowfall-taken care of spherical delicious chocolate and inserted them on a tiny plate prior to handing those to Ya’er and Sweetie.
Let Me Game in Peace
Only then managed Zhou Wen keep in mind the acquainted personal taste was black colored truffle. The moment, Ouyang Lan got applied him out for any food, where there ended up a few flakes of dark-colored truffle. Ouyang Lan obtained specially decided on some for Zhou Wen to personal taste and instructed him that they were termed dark-colored truffles.
Even so, the plate of dark chocolate that Gao Dawei introduced was distinct from the chocolate bars in Zhou Wen’s memory space.
Ya’er and Sweetie each tasted it. It was actually tasty. They concluded it in a few chomps. Then, the two of them seemed to have reply to. They viewed one another and changed their heads. Making use of their backs going through the other person, they located a dinner table and authored their advice in the papers.
Zhou Wen also believed which it was most certainly not so simple. It was actually difficult for Gao Dawei to position a really easy trouble.
Only then does Zhou Wen bear in mind the familiarized flavor was dark-colored truffle. The moment, Ouyang Lan obtained taken him out to obtain a supper, there were some flakes of black colored truffle. Ouyang Lan acquired specially selected some for Zhou Wen to preference and informed him that they were known as black color truffles.
Zhou Wen noticed that sandwiched from the dark chocolate was white puffing that flowed out—it seemed to be soft serve ice cream.
The one who became available was actually a sizeable man who has been nearly as rotund as being a tennis ball. He wore a bright uniform as well as a whitened head wear. At first glance, he looked just like a cook, but upon much closer inspection, there had been some variances.
Zhou Wen scaled within the chocolate bars curiously. The pianist, bench, and keyboard established an exquisite artwork. It absolutely was a pity you can eat it.
The sweets is in the shape of any pup, a gentleman taking part in a piano, and also a chocolate bars that appeared to enjoy a coating of snow over it. They checked beautiful.
Zhou Wen also knew that this was not at all so simple. It was subsequently unattainable for Gao Dawei to pose such a straightforward problem.
Sniffing, Zhou Wen seemed to identify a acquainted smell. He carefully considered the darker-pigmented chocolate and immediately made a breakthrough.
Zhou Wen wasn’t usually interested in treats. His sense of dark chocolate was still those of dark-colored squarish night clubs.
Zhou Wen saw that sandwiched within the sweets was white puffing that flowed out—it appeared to be frozen treats.
Let Me Game in Peace
Ya’er and Sweetie each tasted it. It absolutely was delightful. They complete it in some chomps. Then, both ones seemed to find an solution. They looked at each other well and made their heads. Because of their backs going through one another, they identified a desk and published their answers for the cardstock.
Only then did Zhou Wen keep in mind that the familiarized style was dark truffle. The moment, Ouyang Lan acquired consumed him out to get a food, and also there were actually several flakes of black colored truffle. Ouyang Lan got specially picked out some for Zhou Wen to preference and advised him that they were called black colored truffles.
“How should we remain competitive?” Ya’er required Gao Dawei.
Due to their preceding two encounters, Ya’er and Sweetie got significantly greater antic.i.p.ation for the next delicious chocolate. The time they gotten it, they couldn’t wait to mouthful it.
Ya’er and Sweetie’s gazes had been also fascinated from the exclusive-shopping chocolate bars. They appeared willing to style it.
Gao Dawei have the shop a.s.sistant to give cardstock, pen, along with a knife specially employed to minimize chocolate bars.
Section 1344: Gao Dawei
“This is our employer, Mr. Gao Dawei,” a store a.s.sistant introduced.
“I’ve recently designed a handful of sorts of chocolate. Check out them together with each other. Whomever can inform what compounds I used will acquire as long as they reckon appropriately. If you never, you may be wiped out.” When Gao Dawei found that Sweetie and Ya’er were staring at him, he hurriedly explained, “Don’t fear. The flavors test out on this occasion is perfectly totally free. Whether you succeed or lose, you never pay one cent.”
It had been challenging to suppose that such beautiful chocolate bars was made by the rotund male like Gao Dawei.
Considering that Ya’er and Sweetie didn’t react, Gao Dawei acquired no decision but to coughing lightly to alleviate the awkwardness. He picked out another chocolate bars and stated, “This sweets is known as Nature’s Pianist. It is my most current innovation. Test it.”
The one that arrived was obviously a substantial guy who was nearly as rotund to be a ball. He wore a white-colored uniform and also a bright white hat. Initially, he looked much like a cook, but upon better assessment, there were clearly some variations.
Zhou Wen also realized that it really was not at all so simple. It turned out difficult for Gao Dawei to present this type of easy issue.
“That’s much more like it. What if each of us are correct?” Ya’er requested.
Nevertheless, the plate of sweets that Gao Dawei introduced was different from the delicious chocolate in Zhou Wen’s ability to remember.
As he spoke, Gao Dawei entered the rear home and very soon unveiled a dish of chocolate.

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