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Chapter 1755 – Doudou, whom do you love the most? concentrate flagrant
Doudou gritted his teeth, and reported, “I will give it a try all over again in a while, but don’t consult me these kinds of peculiar concerns! If not, I am going to bite you. It might be better for you to just transformation it directly back to the problems from ahead of.”
“It’s as it hasn’t been excited still,” said Piece of music Shuhang. When he spoke, he used his clairvoyant vitality.
[The intention is complete, so I’ll get back to my master. Furthermore, this True Flywheel is usually a compensate, and my become an expert in claimed that it is to generally be still left on your behalf.] The voice of № Hamster sounded in Tune Shuhang’s mind. [I’ll be disconnecting now. Adios.]
Nonetheless, just before Piece of music Shuhang could do anything whatsoever, the working wheel started off rotating promptly.
Piece of music Shuhang happily reported, “I just want to test out the capabilities of the awesome value and, well, tease you during the process.”
Doudou gritted his the teeth, and explained, “I will try it out once more for a while, but don’t consult me these weird problems! In any other case, I am going to nibble you. It could be better for you to just transform it returning to the issues from well before.”
[Fourth question: 2+2=?]
Tune Shuhang lowered his travel, and investigated his palm. Unexpectedly, a faint reddish coloration blossomed from his palm.
Fairy Design shouted unwillingly, “Stupid, mindless!”
Melody Shuhang required, “Are you all set?”
“Me as well,” Smooth Feather explained. “In addition, the very next time we now have the opportunity, let us get Elderly Copper Trigram with this tire. Probably by then, we’ll finally become familiar with whether Senior citizen Copper Trigram is usually a male or maybe a female.”
Tune Shuhang retched to get a good though until he ultimately felt a bit greater.
Cultivation Chat Group
“Senior Track, you didn’t modify the concerns!” Delicate Feather named out. She started to jog, her slender legs transferring swiftly to take care of the rotation pace in the jogging tire.
Doudou mentioned wittily, “Are you wanting to deceive me all over again? I am not dumb! This has to be a case where 1+1=1. A go of sheep together with a go of sheep still is a head of sheep, ideal?”
She patiently waited for a long period, waiting until Mature Music finally acquired out. However since it was subsequently her turn… it broke?
Doudou gritted his teeth, and mentioned, “I will give it a try again in a while, but don’t inquire me these kinds of unusual issues! Normally, I will bite you. It could be better for you to just transformation it straight back to the queries from just before.”
“Then I’ll begin.” Melody Shuhang started to management the marvelous prize. “Anyway, the concerns filled in just now ended up for Doudou, so I need to change returning to the questions in ‘transforming divine sense into psychic energy’ primary.”
When he created psychic power, Piece of music Shuhang observed almost like he’d become one together with the hamster wheel—to become more exact, he’d obtained part command over it.
Doudou checked irritated because he bought out of the hamster wheel.
Cultivation Chat Group
Delicate Feather solved, “Go in advance, Older Track.”
Doudou stretched out his four hip and legs casually, and trotted in the tire.
“Then I’ll start.” Music Shuhang began to control the marvelous jewel. “Anyway, the queries jam-packed in only now ended up for Doudou, so I need to swap back in the questions in ‘transforming divine feel into clairvoyant energy’ initially.”
“!!!” Smooth Feather.
Track Shuhang retched for any very good while until he lastly observed somewhat superior.
Doudou shouted, “F*ck you! Have a look at my jaws, f-*-c-k y-o-you!”
“Me very,” Very soft Feather said. “In add-on, the next time we now have the chance, let’s get Older person Copper Trigram in this wheel. Probably by then, we will ultimately learn whether Mature Copper Trigram is actually a masculine or perhaps a girl.”
On the other hand, the wheel failed to transform, and having № Hamster possessing already disconnected, there is n.o.physique to question questions to.
“Huh? Your machine is operating once again? Then permit me to go 1st, Mature Song,” Tender Feather named out. Of course, she was initially in collection!
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The demonic hamster reported this by way of intellectual conversation, consequently it was only Tune Shuhang who heard this.
“???” Doudou.
And this time, the individual inquiring the issue was Piece of music Shuhang, would you handle the marvelous cherish.
Right after the tire halted, Track Shuhang promptly opened up the door in reference to his psychic vitality, and jumped from it with all his power.

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