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Dual Cultivation

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Dual Cultivation
Chapter 931 Nightmare Dus tour fruit
“This really is a one of a kind prize known as Nightmare Airborne dirt and dust! It is only found serious throughout the Horror Valley where normal hallucination takes place! These are usually applied for an compound when concocting pills, being a crucial component to numerous strong supplements including the Problem Capsule along with the Purple Poison Capsule to name a few!”
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Even if this older man hasn’t explained nearly anything yet still, it absolutely was obvious to both Su Yang and Luo Ziyi what he wanted.
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“1 million.” A deep sound suddenly resounded out of the top rated levels in one of the VIP locations.
The previous man smiled and explained, “My name is Gao Huan, and i also am a sect elder with the Violet Furnace Academy. When you can’t already show by my speech, I had been the one who was bidding for those Horror Dust.”
“Heavens… The previous time Bad dream Particles was available in the Lavish Celestial Plaza, it journeyed for 600,000 higher-grade soul rocks with the Nature Jade Public auction Property, knowning that already stunned men and women, but when compared to this…”
Su Yang lifted his eye-brows as he observed this old man’s consistent, in which he immediately identified being the Violet Furnace Academy’s standard, one of many alchemy sects throughout the Celestial Paradise.
Across a dozen pretty little females appeared over the level.
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Many people who had intentions of putting in a bid immediately offered up following ability to hear the price, while they was aware that the likelihood of successful were definitely incredibly reduced once they didn’t sh.e.l.l out a lot to the Major problem Debris.
The small girl then handed them a tray with the pendant along with the Headache Dusk sleeping into it.
The buyers have been dumbfounded at this sell, plus they were interested why these two people today necessary the Headache Dust so frantically.
“This is the distinctive cherish termed Horror Dust! It happens to be only found deeply throughout the Bad dream Valley where normal hallucination develops! They are usually made use of being an ingredient when concocting pills, being a key compound to numerous highly effective tablets just like the Horror Pill as well as the Purple Poison Dietary supplement to name a few!”
The location quickly made quiet right after Luo Ziyi’s quote.
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“600,000.” Luo Ziyi stated.
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“500,000 large-standard spirit gemstones.” Luo Ziyi was the first one to boost her palm, increasing the value by 500 percentage easily.
The deeply voice didn’t immediately answer back, clearly hesitating whether he should go on or perhaps not.
Luo Ziyi well-accepted the medallion even though she doesn’t intend on coming back anytime at some point just before causing the public auction residence with Su Yang.
“And what would you like from us? If you’re here for the Bad dream Dust, then I’m frightened you’ll have got to look elsewhere.” Luo Ziyi explained, not caring about his backdrop.
“3 zillion significant-standard heart stones going when!”
“2 mil.”
“Just three more now, huh?”
“Your overall will likely be 9 zillion significant-class soul stones.” The small lady believed to them.
“Then let’s get back to the hotel and have some more enjoyment for the following four time,” she mentioned that has a teeth in her facial area.
“When’s the following sell?” Luo Ziyi requested him afterward.
Dual Cultivation
Section 931 Horror Dus
“Congratulations, esteemed guest! You have received the Major problem Dirt for 3 thousand!”
Nevertheless, well before they may become very far out of the Gold Jewel Public sale Residence, a used mankind dressed in crimson robes appeared ahead of them and blocked their path.
After another two hours of chaotic putting in a bid, the young girl for the point eventually executed a plate that had a compact jar of crimson substance sleeping inside.
And judging through the layout on his outfits, this ancient man was actually a sect elder through the Violet Furnace Academy.
In just a single public sale, Luo Ziyi has invested an overall total of 9 million great-level nature gemstones on two treasures.
“And distributed!”

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