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The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage

NovelThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind MarriageThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage
Chapter 1352 – Lin Che Being Close gold letters
Lin Che put up up the instant she stated those phrases.
Before long. the production of the television dilemma started again.
When she said that, she was smiling while looking at Gu Jingze. Her vision were definitely extremely shiny as well as from typical.
Lin Che said, “That’s perfect.”
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Lin Che failed to recognize that she was thought of as being too shut down.
Chapter 1352 Lin Che Getting Shut down
When Gu Jingze emerged, he experienced Ou Lie remaining so wanting to you need to and becoming all smiles while gawking at Lin Che.
Listening to sounds, Ou Lay looked up.
Lin Che appeared and saw Gu Jingze nearing. She hurriedly have up, checked out him, and offered a dazzling laugh.
This was…
Section 1352 Lin Che Being Special
When Gu Jingze turned up, he seen Ou Lay staying so keen to be sure to and becoming all huge smiles while gawking at Lin Che.
Lin Che obtained arrived at the shed initial. When she observed that everybody had a relax immediately after two time, she lighted up excitedly, sensation quite relaxed.
“That’s appropriate.”
Is it that she had her eyes about this Zhou Yu, able to groom him?
Why did it seem like these folks were together as she walked absent with Zhou Yu?
Investigating their behavior…
It may be very probable!
“Oh my, that has to be Zhou Yu.”
Ou Rest laughed while he tried to flatter her with praises when another person came up even closer Lin Che.
Ou Lay did not determine he acquired offended him.
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Not the least mention of his seems or he believed who he was and had listened to the gossips from the entire output crew. He behaved like he got completely no clue who he or she was. In this way, it may wreck this person’s self-assurance. Don’t contemplate finding popular at once. He still had a long street well before him just as one unidentified beginner.
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Liang Shan was so angry that she could just pass on.
Lin Che had reached your shed initial. When she saw everyone experienced a sleep following two time, she illuminated up excitedly, sensing quite stress-free.
He received stern in a moment and looked over Gu Jingze. “Oh, who seems to be this? The reason I’ve never noticed you right before?”
Lin Che was…
Lin Che hung up once she stated those phrases.
Instantly, he noticed a man of style and suaveness, without having expressions on his deal with. A feeling of pleasure and G.o.d-like, he was quite different from the typical folk.
Considering how they walked together…
Lin Che obtained came to your shed primary. When she observed that anybody got a relaxation right after two times, she illuminated up excitedly, sensing quite comfortable.
This was…
“No no, Sibling Che, your acting techniques are for all to discover. It’s beyond divine. I have to study from you.”
On the other hand, Ou Rest understood without delay that it man seemed to be staring at him. Furthermore, this look seemed to be of disdain and hostility.
“Yes. Who would have believed that Perfect Celebrity, the troublemaker would actually sell off the privileges for 1 million yuan?”

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