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Chapter 1753 – Question… Answer! divergent scissors
Track Shuhang shouted wittily, “Soft Feather, what is the perfect solution?”
Track Shuhang replied, “I’m fine, I can still take care of for quite a while.”
He’d contemplated anything exciting.
Speaking of which, he now recalled that back as he attempted introducing ‘Senior Whitened Two’ into the retirees inside the most important world as well as in the group, his ideas was directly become gibberish.
№ Hamster mentioned, “Wrong answer!”
Probably he found it necessary to operate until Senior citizen White Two’s frustration cooled out?
Piece of music Shuhang remarked, “It appears karma hit back quite promptly.”
The dignified speech continued, “I’m Medieval Demon Ranzhen.”
“Aaaah~” Tune Shuhang simply let out an unusual yell because he rapidly quicker his operating rate.
As soon as the members of the Nine Provinces # 1 Party got on Senior White’s negative section and ended up directed to the sky by his ‘disposable coiling soaring sword’, each of them screamed nonstop. But Very soft Feather was the only one one of them who received thrilled by being forwarded within the heavens.
The Last Repentance
Section 1753 – Query… Respond to!
Aren’t you pressuring me into a departed ending?
Very soft Feather questioned, “Is this going wheel a magical treasure thrown more than by Older Whitened?”
But in the following second, her body was also taken inside of she dropped down onto the wheel. Then, she was afflicted with the covered airs.p.a.ce, and also her virtuous entire body couldn’t keep hovering.
On the sleep, Fairy Making was immediately fascinated following experiencing the virtuous lamia having a good time.
Tune Shuhang remarked, “It feels karma smacked back quite quickly.”
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№ Hamster replied, “If you can find a penalties, then there’s naturally one more prize. № Tyrannical Track, we handle you as our personal.”
This scourge possibly befell him as he experienced identified as away brand ‘Senior White colored Two’ many times consecutively just now. Without him acknowledging, he had ‘pinged’ Senior citizen White-colored Two over and over again.
Aren’t you merely pressuring me in to a lifeless conclusion?
At the moment, inside the conversation broadcast, № Hamster experienced finally began formally supplying the conversation. Following easily browsing through the prelude on the dialog, it proceeded to go straight to the subject. “There can be a overall of seven sorts of prevalent offensive types for psychic power.”
That old tribal main questioned curiously, “Was she too big and bought caught up?”
“…” Melody Shuhang.
“How much time will i still need to solution the question?” Melody Shuhang required as he went.
Right now, on the ‘№ Hamster speech’ display that Track Shuhang was observing, it had only condensed its Sage Close, together with its speech hadn’t even commenced still.
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Fairy Development exclaimed, “Huh? Mindless, foolish!!”
As well, he turned on the transmit of № Hamster’s ‘Divinity Show’, and started to mult.i.activity.
From your section, Very soft Feather encouraged, “Senior Music, this is basically the information of [Historic Demon Ranzhen]’s speech, ❮Combining Emotional Power (or Divine Sense) With Electricity To create a Strong Offensive Psychic Technique❯.”
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“If possible, do not hold off for too long,” № Hamster encouraged. “For these 50 problems, the quicker you complete giving an answer to, the higher the incentive you’ll get.”
While he was going, Music Shuhang tried out triggering natural techniques including ‘air walking’ or even the ‘Lotus Blossoming Walk’, but he learned that there were a regulations forbidding staying middle-atmosphere inside of the hamster wheel. As his entire body couldn’t rise in to the oxygen, he could only transfer in line with the going wheel and run forwards.
Using this method, inside of the hamster wheel, Tune Shuhang happened to run in-front, even though the virtuous lamia slithered quickly appropriate associated with him. The picture grew to be one wherein a lamia chased just after an old uncle.
This way, inside the hamster tire, Song Shuhang jogged in the front, while the virtuous lamia slithered quickly proper regarding him. The landscape started to be one in which a lamia chased right after a used uncle.
Speculate an answer? There are a lot of strategies to a query of rate, and if there seemed to be a decimal point, it would end up not possible to suppose the best solution at all. As a result, it was much more suitable to ask for outside assist!
He hadn’t complete seeing № Hamster’s lecture, but Tender Feather do, so she should know the answer.
When she acquired halfway through… she got caught up.
“Reminder, outside assist will not be permitted. If the answer to something is obtained through additional a.s.sistance, it will likely be directly judged like a disappointment in responding to the concern, plus the velocity from the tire boosts,” № Hamster mentioned. “Also, do not consider using the trick appear transmission approach. This working tire was specially made to isolate techniques like all those.”
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“Stupid Tyrannical Music, cannot you acknowledge my voice?” The dignified sound evolved to the sweet cry of № Hamster.
№ Hamster inquired, “Second Problem: how many different types of fundamental offensive kinds does psychic vitality have?”
But when she got halfway through… she got caught.
Following contemplating for a long time, she stretched out her other hand, and opened her palms.

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