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Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

NovelReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At SchoolReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Chapter 1861 – It Is Qu Linan bomb pass
“Right, captain. Given that that women saved this online video, she must still have it in their arms. In the event you ensure that is stays mystery, she’ll definitely uncover it. Then…” another policeman stated with wonderful get worried.
After calling police officers, Gu Ning took out her power crystals and helped every one of them acquire 1. They were still helpful to them, so they ought to be excellent.
Without delight, Gu Ning experienced which the two cultivators chased following her without delay.
Qu Linan was Qu Hanjiao and Qu Yifei’s father.
Gu Ning didn’t have plenty of time to check out who these folks were, and she was reluctant they will might get into your villa, that may destroy her system. Thus, she jogged towards another direction releasing mystical power to attract them.
Gu Ning could lock up their limbs and chill out them later on, which proved that she became a intimidating girl.
She then placed the laptop computer back into the telepathic attention s.p.a.ce before strolling returning to the lounge and inserting the USB flash disk in the caffeine desk.
Truly, the six suspects already accepted it, so it ought to be the facts.
“S-positive.” Those guys agreed at the same time. Although they managed obtain that strategy, they didn’t dare to acheive it soon after listening to Gu Ning’s phrases.
The man then read the cell phone number Qu Linan designed to contact him and his awesome traditional bank card amount. Gu Ning kept in mind them following seeing and hearing it as soon as.
“We misplaced it. I speculate what magical creature it happens to be. It has this kind of pure marvelous strength!” reported the person unhappily. It wasn’t straightforward to help them to discover these types of genuine mystical electrical power, but it really vanished instantly.
In a few secs, Gu Ning ran in the two cultivators traveling. They appeared to be several about forty years outdated.
Right after returning to the police station, Zhou Renyu performed the video placed in the Usb memory card.
The person then see the cellular phone number Qu Linan used to speak to him and his awesome bank credit card amount. Gu Ning recollected them soon after seeing and hearing it one time.
Soon after calling the police, Gu Ning required out her power crystals and served all of them have 1. These were still helpful to them, so they ought to be okay.
“Why can you still defend that person at the moment? Do you expect him to save you? For those who don’t say, I will directly eliminate you. You will find no chance for anyone to conserve your way of life!” explained Gu Ning mockingly. All at once, the dagger in their fretting hand cut the man’s throat, doing the guy feel discomfort as warm blood flow flowed down.
“Captain, if any other people discover out, we won’t have the ability to maintain it top secret. It’ll induce issues for people at the same time,” a policeman stated. He believed that Zhou Renyu and Qu Linan had been associated, so Zhou Renyu wished to protect Qu Linan, but he sensed that this wasn’t recommended.
This villa wasn’t theirs, but Qu Linan’s. Given that they managed bad deeds for Qu Linan, Qu Linan allow them to vacation in this article.
“Tell me the precise night out and place,” said Gu Ning.
“What else performed he inform you to complete?” requested Gu Ning.
When Gu Ning referred to as authorities, she mentioned that she experienced set the Usb memory card together with the suspects’ confession for the gourmet coffee dining room table, so they knew exactly what was.
Gu Ning didn’t have time to find out who people were, and she was scared which they could easily get in the villa, which might destroy her prepare. Hence, she jogged towards another path relieving magical power to appeal to them.
“I have simply call and move data,” claimed the man.
“Captain, if another people find out, we won’t have the ability to keep it solution. It’ll lead to hassle for many people too,” a policeman reported. He understood that Zhou Renyu and Qu Linan have been relevant, so Zhou Renyu want to guard Qu Linan, but he believed that it wasn’t a good idea.
With all the remedy, Gu Ning sent K another communication to know him to investigate the criminal activity which in fact had transpired on July second around this villa.
Ability to hear that, Gu Ning squinted. Although she knew that unfair issues were taking place on a daily basis and she didn’t have an excessive amount of sympathy, she still felt uncomfortable when she listened to that.
Nonetheless, although their muscle mass relaxed, they still couldn’t shift for the reason that Gu Ning linked them on top of ropes.
The Door To December
“Right, captain. Because that girl noted this video clip, she must have it in their own palms. If you maintain it secret, she’ll definitely show it. Then…” another policeman mentioned with wonderful stress.
They all been curious about who this girl was, but they also only been told her voice and couldn’t see her.
Chapter 1861: It Can Be Qu Linan
“What else managed he let you know to undertake?” requested Gu Ning.

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