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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
2467 Side Story: Ji Xiuran End limit madly
The drowsy lady experienced action coming from the rope in her own hands and reflexively pulled it left.
“Who’s there?”
“Ji Xiuran, exactly what do you signify? Doesn’t Worriless have a very correct to learn about such a huge matter?” Haitang frowned significantly.
Next to the beach, the guy repositioned himself right into a more comfortable location. He kept in mind he and therefore woman obtained also sat near the ocean in this way many years ago and mentioned their long term since they ate a boxed lunch time.
Ji Xiuran shook his head. “No require.”
Being the man spoke, a ripple of feeling come up in the eyes. He lowered his head, not needing the digital camera to grab any of his sensations.
Ji Xiuran stayed private.
“Several things? Could they become more vital than your lifetime?!” Haitang pressed worriedly.
“What exactly are you currently expressing? Do you plan to make it a key from Worriless then drive Worriless out?!” Haitang required.
Ji Xiuran shook his head. “No need.”
“I wish a delighted new marital life.”
A swordsman enjoyed a sword, a scholar experienced a pen, but from now on, Ji Xiuran wouldn’t have Worriless Nie anymore.
“If only you with a pleased new partnership.”
The young lady was still younger and was still naive and clueless about romance, but he wasn’t concerned. Existence became a prolonged quest, and he still experienced time and effort together with her. He was confident that his Tiny Worriless wouldn’t easily go on a taste to many other adult men.
And this trap survived his whole daily life.
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“Hm? Me? My label is Worriless Nie, what about you?”
If the female observed a tone of voice originating from into the pot, she jolted in fright. “Amazing, the bird has honed a heart! Are you a goblin? You can actually chat?!”
“I wish you with a delighted new marriage.”
The girl was beginning to drift to rest each time a child retaining a guide appeared and halted while watching pot. He was startled and appeared around him but didn’t go to a sole man or woman. All he noticed was the heap of food items sitting down below the cooking pot.
She retained the rope linked with the tree part in her fingers. She originally planned to utilize this gigantic container to capture the wildlife located in the Ji Estate’s back mountain, however not one bird needed the bait right after waiting for many years.
“Who’s there?”
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The drowsy young lady sensed action through the rope in the palm and reflexively drawn it left.
Haitang hastily chased once the making man. “You need to retrieve well…”

The boy knelt decrease and curiously trudged forward in reference to his travel adhering out curiously, shopping below the pot.
“Mm, I realize.” The man was also tranquil for an extended time prior to turning to abandon that has a bitter teeth.
“I’ll inform Worriless…” Haitang pulled out her smartphone.

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